What is the purpose of email marketing

Email marketing is a way of introducing the products you are selling to interested parties. This is usually done with the use of an autoresponder. ( More about autoresponders in a different article).

You may just want to interact with a group of people who have similar interests to yours. Email is the modern way of sending information as it is also instantaneous so you reach your intended readers almost immediately. (Dependent on the world time zones of course). They would have access to it if they are awake and on their email client.

It is important because it gives you almost instantaneous links to your list members.

Why Do I Use email Marketing?

I use email marketing so I can Reach the maximum number of people in the shortest amount of time. I usually pick the time I am going to send my email to give me the maximum response.

There are millions of people on the internet clamoring for more information. I try to encourage those that are interested in the information I am imparting to join my list and get regular information on the subject.

This means I have to do a lot of research on a particular subject to keep the interest of the list membership. I use email marketing to keep my list informed as it costs me very little and it is almost instantaneous. There will of course be some delays due to where the other list members live and the time I send out the messages.

Some people have their email client permanently open whereas others just look at their emails at certain times of their day. It is impossible for me to reach all of my list members at once as they are from all over the globe.

This said, if I post my email at the right time I may get a good proportion of the list while they are on the internet, and so they may open my email instantaneously. For others, they may be asleep or at work depending on what part of the world they live in.

Sometimes, it will pay to send out an email informing my list of an impending offer, so they can choose whether they want the information as soon as it comes out or not. I pre-warn them of the timing of a particularly enticing offer.

One of the biggest advantages of email, marketing is the instantaneous delivery throughout the world, irrespective of the time zone the recipient lives in. Of course, you are going to hit some email boxes in the night for some people, but the advantage is it will be there as soon as they open their emails.

When a new product is announced, that may be of interest to those on my list, I want to be among those that get their emails out first. Sometimes this can happen in the middle of the night for me and so that is where an autoresponder comes in handy. (There will be a feature on autoresponders very soon).

How Do I Use email Marketing?

I build up a list of people who are interested in the subjects I am going to be discussing. This may mean I need to build several different lists for people with different interests. As long as I keep each list separate then I will only be sending information to those that are interested in that information.

For example here we are discussing email marketing, but if I want to discuss the way dogs act, then my current list may not be at all interested, (unless of course they were also dog lovers). I would then build up a list of dog lovers to impart this information on.

I build my list and as people sign up to join my list I send them a welcome email where I include a little about myself and what the list is for. This email would be sent out immediately so they know they have signed up to my list.

Every email sent from my autoresponder includes a removal link. This allows anyone who no longer wishes to interact with me or my products to leave the list. They will not get anymore emails unless there is an email already listed to be sent.

I then send my list recipients information, sometimes daily and sometimes weekly. It depends what information I have that they have signed up for. Every 5th or 6th email will also include a product for them to buy if they so wish.

The emails I send are stored in the autoresponder and are sent out at times I have already preset.

It is no good continually bombarding them with sales letters and expecting them to keep buying from you. So I will send out emails on a regular basis to all my list. Remember they can leave my list at any time so I will always be trying to entice more people to sign up to the list.

This is fine because the autoresponder knows exactly which email each on my recipients is due to receive. When I get knowledge of an offer my list may be interested in then I will send out a broadcast to the whole list with of course my affiliate details should they sign up to the offer.

The broadcast in no way interferes with the normal day to day list operation. If someone is due to receive an email the day that an offer is sent out then they will receive two emails from me that day.

I want my list to be happy with the information I am giving them and I want the products I offer to be of unquestionable value to my customers.

Does email Marketing Help?

It has certainly helped me over the years. If I were not to have the email marketing available then I doubt very much if I would be making any money. While you can have a website on the internet you need to be able to let people know it is there.


By reaching out to the maximum number of people that I can, I am giving myself the best possible opportunity to sell my products on the subject they have signed up to.

I will continue to increase my reach by constant internet advertising and giving snippets of information to entice people to join my list in order to learn more.

I hope you have learned from this what is the purpose of email marketing?

Of course this will also add to your internet profit success!

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