As an internet marketer I need to get information out to potential customers as quickly as I can. To do this I use what is called an autoresponder. This will send my message to those who have agreed to receive my emails either immediately or at a predetermined time.

I need to grow a list of subscribers that may be interested in my product range.

I also need to be in regular contact with my list of subscribers to impart interesting information to them and to notify them of any new offers that are coming up that they may be interested in.

What Is An Autoresponder?

An autoreponder is a program that sends out emails to people that have sent requests in for my information.

So if I do an email campaign for a new ebook this is what will happen. (At this stage it does not matter if it is my ebook or one I have resell rights to). On that campaign I will send people to my sign up form. This form is linked to my autoresponder system. I am reputable marketer so I use a double opt in service. When the subscriber clicks the join button, they will almost immediately get an email from my autoresponder asking them to click a link if they want to receive information from me. Providing they click this link they will be added to my list and sent the necessary information to download the ebook.

You may by now be thinking I have got that facility with my email host. The one you have with your email host can only send one message. It is normally used for a reply when you are away from your computer. The autoresponder I am talking about can afford you multiple lists with multiple emails for each list.

There are several different autoresponder systems available. There are scripts that you download and operate through your own website. There are several free and paid services available.

How Do I Use An Autoresponder?

First I need to set up my autoresponder. Whether you purchase a script to run your own autoresponder or use a ready-made service it needs setting up. There are several on the market a couple of which are free, but they sometimes have conditions about what you can send with them. Many free ones are not acceptable for affiliate marketers.

I am a marketer and I use AWeber for my business. Of course all business expenses can be offset against income for taxation purposes, but you may not be at that point yet. I would advise that you think ahead because you really don’t want to be having to change your mailing choice in the future. Generally you would lose several if not hundreds of your list members as they just don’t always sign up to your new autoresponder company.

To set up an autoresponder is relatively easy. With a company like AWeber,(I know more about this one as I use it the most), you will need a name for your list and then go through an easy set up process. I have no restriction on the number of lists I can maintain or on the number of subscribers to each list. The amount I pay for my service is dependent on the number of subscribers I have in total on all my lists.

Who Would Use an Autoresponder?

Any marketer who needs to have a connection with his customers. Anyone who is building their list of contacts.

I could not run my business without the aid of an autoresponder. As your lists build so you would need more time to mail all of your contacts. With my autoresponder I have my pre-written emails loaded and ready to be sent.

You would use an autoresponder to build a list or lists of contacts and customers.

Why Use An Autoresponder?

I can write a complete email campaign and place the emails in the order I want them to be dispatched. I can decide the length of the interval between emails being dispatched and I can also send out to everyone by using the broadcast system in my autoresponder. Once my email campaign has been up loaded into my autoresponder everyone on that particular list will get my emails at predetermined times. When a new member joins my list then they will also start getting the emails in the correct order from the beginning.

You can see this saves me time. Once set up everything is automated. This allows me to run several lists which need no direct interaction by me. My autoresponder will tell me the clicks I get on my links and will give me the name and email of the person clicking.

I also have the facility to move a subscriber from a pre-buyer to a customer list automatically. If you want to be spending time improving your articles or blogs the autoresponder gives you that extra time.

Once I have written my emails I can sit back and let my autoresponder service take over all the work and automatically send my emails to my list. I just need to log in now and then to check my stats.


An autoresponder starts you on the journey to a hands free business once you have set it up. This saves you much time in your business day to allow you to do other work your business needs.

The choice between a free and paid service is entirely up to you. A paid service generally gives a much better delivery rate. Personally I would not use a script on my website, as although I am a reputable trader it only needs someone to fall out with you and report you for your website to be closed down.

By using an autoresponder in your business your internet profit success will follow.

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