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You build a contact list to make people aware of your business and products or services you supply. For this reason why you may need to build more than one list! You will need a list for each niche you are selling products in. You will learn why a mailing list builder is so important.


Why Build A Mailing List

Without a list of people who are interested in your products we will have no one to market to. On the internet our market is World-Wide. We want to be in contact with as many of those people who may have an interest in our products or services. Because we are going to be offering a worldwide service the best products and services to work in is the eproducts and eservices.

Before you start to build a list you need to know why you are building that particular list. The product(s) that are going to be for sale need to be known. Whether they are affiliate products or your own products is immaterial.

You need to set your free product as something that is associated with your main product. As an example it is no good giving away a product in the gardening niche if your end product is in the cooking niche. While there may be a crossover between the two you will be missing many of the cooking population who have no interest in gardening.

It is very important that you know your end product niche before you start building your list!

Building a list for the sake of list building because you have been told that’s what you have to do is pointless. You need to concentrate on a specific market.

If everything is electronic, there are no postage and packing fees as there would be with physical products. You can offer a DVD or CD as a backup of your eproduct, but the postage and packing is time-consuming and not always worth the effort for the very small business to do. As you grow you may want to offer this as an extra service for those customers who wish to buy a hard copy of your product.

Eventually you will want to introduce your list to your sales funnel, but not before you have built up a trust with those on the list. Building trust will mean the difference between success and failure of the list. Your potential customers are far more likely to buy from someone who has given them useful advice and the odd useful free product.

A lot of the free products can be stripped down versions of the full product which you offer them when you give them the free product or shortly afterwards. They have had a chance to try the product for themselves and when they like it they can buy the full product lifting all the restrictions they had with the free product.

How To Build Your Mailing List

One of the ways many marketers use for building their list is to give away a product that is in the niche of the list they want to build. Just because they are giving the product away it does not mean that it is worthless or useless.

As the marketer you want a list of people in your niche who may in the future purchase products that you offer them. They are unlikely to buy from someone who has offered them rubbish at an earlier dealing.

The higher the perceived value of your gift the better the response from your audience.

To build your list you are going to offer a product to the world at large, that they can have for free, providing they give you their name and email address. So in some respects you could say you are offering them a bribe for their name and email. This is one of the ways you can use to build your list.

It is always best to have at least two lists in each niche. One list is for those that have had the free product with whom you now want to build a trust so they will buy from you in the future.

The other list is on those who have purchased your main product. This list may need to be subdivided into those that have bought upgrades or downgrades of the main purchase. This list division can normally be handled by your Autoresponder service.

Where To Build Your Mailing List

I use Aweber for my list building, but there are several other companies who offer autoresponder services. I would be very wary of the free autoresponder services you find available. I know of at least one that does not allow affiliate products to be advertised or sold through its service.

autoresponder mail

There are scripts that you can buy and run on your own server but you will run into a lot of rejections from some of the larger email providers. You also run the risk of your servers being blacklisted by the email hosting companies if their members report your email as spam.

Companies like Aweber have been online and doing this for a long time, and as a result they have built up trust with the large email hosting companies. They will get a much better delivery rate than many of the smaller and less well-known companies.

I recommend Aweber because that is the one I have used for several years with very few problems. If I have had a problem it has been dealt with quickly and had me back up and running in no time. Most of the problems I have had have been of my own making. i.e. pressing the wrong buttons or using unrecognizable hosting companies.

I have found Aweber easy to set up with no restriction on the number of lists I run. The pricing does change as you get more members on your lists, but if you have more members, then you should be getting more money so everything balances out.

Why do I put my list on an autoreponder? There is no way I could manually do all the work handled by my autoresponder. There just wouldn’t be enough hours in the day. I am building my lists so I can make money so I need to have as much of my system automated as I possibly can.


The list is the lifeblood of your internet experience. Gone are the days of mailshots and leaflet dropping, although they do still have their uses, as we want to reach the world and not just one area.

Before you start building a list have your end product ready and available. Find something in that niche that you can get giveaway rights to, or develop something yourself in that niche. There are literally thousands of PLR materials available in the majority of niches. If it has a niche someone will have written about it, and if they haven’t now could be your golden opportunity.

You should now realize why you need a Mailing List Builder.





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  1. I also use Aweber. They are very reputable and easy to use. The training videos are comprehensive so we won’t feel overwhelm with the learning. However, if you need more automation, then Hubspot of InfusionSoft might be a better choice, but costly. One similar to Aweber which is equally good is GetResponse

  2. Building a mailing list for any online business is a must. This is a well written article about building your mailing list.
    Tools are shown used in building mailing lists like A Weber and others. Very concise and clear. Great guidelines shared.

    This article will help guide newbies like me! Thanks.


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