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There are many different ideas when it comes to driving traffic that is targeted and qualified to your website. This goes for blogs or other types of website. You will come across conflicting advice on what you should and should not do to be considered for the best blog traffic technique. Although, I specify blog throughout this article the same advice can apply to all types of sites.

This article will go a long way to taking out the guesswork of it and allow you to get down to business.

Where to start

You probably know already that word of mouth is one of your most powerful business tools. This is equally correct in either an offline or online business. If you are the owner of a successful site then you will have been able to draw in targeted visitors by the millions by using word of mouth offline.

Perhaps this is a little confusing to you. Do you really understand why word of mouth offline can bring you more traffic than all the internet marketing that you have been doing. It doesn’t matter if it is search engine traffic, pay per click advertising or back links. The offline word of mouth can far outstrip any other type of advertising, but it is totally overlooked by so many people.

How to start

While you cannot totally control what others are saying about your site it is powerful because people are talking to people, friends talk amongst themselves and some also make recommendations to other people. Never try to influence those talking about your website.

Once you start influencing what is being said you lose much of the power because again people speaking to others let the fact known you were trying to influence what they are saying. It has to be purely coincidental and must not look like any form of advertising or it shouldn’t look like a sales pitch.

As soon as people see the sales or advertising pitch they will start losing interest very quickly.

This is where your blog comes into play. As it is so quick and easy to create a blog it is the perfect tool for word of mouth marketing. You need to start by promoting your own products and services, but do not make it look like a sales pitch. How can you manage that?

One of the more common ways of doing this is to say you are blogging to friends and family. Many people find blogs not just fun to read but also interesting. Currently blogging is very popular which makes it easy to get viewers and followers. So plan to write some interesting content and weave your marketing products seamlessly into the script. This is how to get the word of mouth moving in the first place. So you are now getting the powerful marketing that word of mouth gives you.

One thing you will never know is the person or people who will pass your good article on by word of mouth. And of course friends talk to friends and acquaintances and so the word goes on and on. You just need to spread the word about your blog!

Building Traffic to Your Blog

For your word of mouth scheme to work you need to build the traffic to your blog so let’s look at some of the methods for building the traffic. There are many methods you can use so here I will look at just 8 of the top techniques

1. Do not use Black Hat SEO techniques

Black hat techniques generally both mislead and degrade the results of the search engines. Keyword stuffing, article spinning, link farms, text hiding and spamming are some of the things that are classed as Black Hat. If you use these techniques you are liable to find yourself and your blog banned by Google and all the other search engines. This will mean you are getting no traffic at all to your blog.

2. Choose a Domain Name with Relevant Keyword

If you can include one or more of your keywords in you domain name it will give far better results. Keep your domain name as short as you can at the same time keeping it memorable. For example if you were selling iPhone then try to include the word iPhone in the site name. This way you will get much more traffic sent to your site.

3. Submit Your Blog to Directories

There are many great directories available where you can submit your blog. This can be an effective way in which to increase the trust level of your sites and also send targeted traffic to your blog. Use directories like Yahoo Directory or DMOZ

4. Write Fresh Product Reviews

When you hear of something new coming out in your niche the make sure you write a review in a timely manner. Reviews can send a lot of extra traffic to your blog, especially those who are looking for product information before they buy a product. If you are able to, also try to get the product manufacturers and wholesalers on board. If, they also use your reviews on their sites just think of the extra traffic that could bring you.

5. Make use of Good SEO Techniques

Learn all you can about SEO and SEO techniques. Learn how using good techniques can increase your blog traffic along with your rankings. Learn how and why you should use alt tags on images, heading tags, keyword density and internal link building. These are just a few of the SEO tools that can really be used to increase your traffic.

6. Fresh Original Content

You need to be creating fresh and original content on a regular basis. This will be bringing you return visitors if they have enjoyed you writing in the past. Google will translate this as your site getting a lot of attention which means Google will also send more targeted traffic to you.

7. Use Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are regularly indexed so creating links in them will bring you higher exposure which in turn will get you higher in the search rankings and consequently giving you more traffic.

8. Use Press Releases

Use press releases to spread your news. You can find paid and free services available. You need to be aware of the fact that it will not be published if it is not newsworthy. A story that is newsworthy can go viral in a very short time. It will pay if you think about how to use this tool to your advantage.


Traffic techniques come in all shapes and sizes. I have given you the top eight methods of building traffic to your blog. I hope you find them interesting and learn how to use them effectively.

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