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How are you going to get traffic to your blog or website? Sit back, and read my blog on how to maximize your blog traffic

Have you been worrying about how you are going to drive traffic to your new blog or website? Then stop right now because you are going to find that it is not as difficult as many people think. You need to know the key factors that play a role in how much traffic you can drive to your blog. These are things like marketing techniques and SEO techniques and of course how good you are at blogging. Billions of searches take place on the internet every day, so you need to know how to cash in on this potential source of visitors.

Killer techniques to use to help to maximize your blog traffic.

Before we get too far we need to look at the load speed of your blog. Have you done everything you can to maximize its load speed? One of the factors Google uses when ranking websites is the speed at which it loads, so faster loading sites will get better rankings. Possible ways of reducing the load time, is to reduce image sizes cache plugins, and making sure your web host is reliable.

You can use articles to increase your backlinks, a technique that is often missed by bloggers. The use of article directories is a really good way to get backlinks to your site while increasing your search engine traffic and consequently building your popularity. Article directories are indexed often and so this is a very good way to get your blog indexed quicker and raise others awareness to it.

Coding Is Important

Is your coding W3C compliant? If you want your blog to be indexed check it out and re code where necessary. Poor coding can stop the search engines from crawling your blog and properly index it.

DO NOT use Black Hat SEO techniques as these can mislead the blogs’ relevance in the search engines. Things like keyword spamming, articles pinning, the use of link farms, hiding text and keyword stuffing will end up with your blog being banned from the search engines. This will mean getting no traffic at all to your website(s).

DO Use the webmaster tools pages on Google and Bing. These pages allow you to submit the blog sitemap to the engine crawler queue. This will result in you getting your site indexed that much quicker. These pages also have stats on that you can use to find out how your site is performing and any other things that you want the stats to tell you.

The frequency of posting on your blog will also affect its ranking. Google loves fresh content so you will be given a higher priority if you update often rather than just once a week. To make sure your website or blog keeps Google and of course the other search engines happy then post as often as you can. Make sure your post is interesting.

Using Free Web Traffic Techniques on Your Blog

There are few techniques you can use to help get some of the free traffic that is available onto your site. All these free methods will help you get more traffic and so more visitors and potential clients.

The first thing I would suggest would be to get the All in One SEO Pack if you are using WordPress. This is available in the plug in area and is a good plugin to use for SEO on WordPress.

If you are not building your page with WordPress then you will need to do optimize your pages by ensuring you place your keywords in the header on the home page. In some cases you may be using something that has these systems already set up and are search engine friendly. It is still the better option to do this on each of your pages so they are properly optimized to allow the search engines to crawl and list all your internal pages on the site.

As well as putting keywords in your header you also need to put description tags in the header on your homepage.

If you are selling products from your website and you have set a goal for the visitors to purchase while they are visiting then make sure you have a strong closer on the sales page. It is no good getting everything set up to get more visitors when you have nothing to convince them to buy your product.

WordPress is a very impressive program, which will generally account for its popularity on the blogging scene. There are many plugins available to benefit a blog, and while I would advocate you experimenting to see what works for you I would also advise against having too many plugins on your blog.

Social Media

As your blog is such a great asset for you, you need to look at all the free traffic that is available when you do things the correct way. I would advise posting daily if you have interesting articles to post for your readers. If you can’t do this I would say you need to post at least once a week. When you give your readers useful information that they want, they will keep returning to see what you have written. To give your self the best chance make your posts keyword rich without overdoing the use of the keyword(s).

Do you have a Facebook page? If not, create one as soon as you can. Facebook can be a very lucrative way to drive traffic to your blog.

While you are on your social media kick create a twitter account as well. Twitter is another very good way to send traffic to your website or blog.

Pinterest has become very popular of late so that is another social media account I would suggest you have. This is yet another platform top use in sending traffic to your blog or website.

As I mentioned earlier in this article a sitemap is also a useful addition to your repertoire. A sitemap is used by the search engines to map your site. I know it’s obvious really. WordPress has a plugin specifically for the purpose and it is called Google Sitemap. This makes the job of creating a sitemap much easier.

Do not forget to submit your site to the search engines yourself. Don’t do this too often or you will find yourself being banned.


In this article I have looked at maximizing your blog traffic with some ideas on how to do that and I have also spoken about some of the free web techniques you can use to drive traffic to your blog.

I hope you have found the article interesting. Please feel free to leave any comments you wish.


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