Internet Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways of carrying out internet affiliate marketing. Here I am going to look at what success is and how to gain it as an affiliate marketer.

What Makes An Affiliate Marketer Successful?

The answer to this could well be, how long is a piece of string! That is because what success is to one person is failure to another.

In my mind I was successful when I made my first sale, and why shouldn’t I be; but there are those that would say they were only successful if they did a 6 or even a 7 figure sale on a new promotion.

So why the big difference, and can the little guy be successful? Yes of course they can.

One of the main reasons for the large difference in the success rates is in the reach of each person. What do I mean by the reach of a person when we can all market worldwide? While I have my list in the thousands others have lists in the hundreds of thousands. They have a greater reach than me because their sales letter goes out to many more individuals than mine does. So they should be getting many more sales than me.

This tells me that I have to expand my list in order to become as successful as they are! So I am learning that I also have to have a hand in the list building world as well. To build a list I first need an autoresponder where I can store the names of my contacts and send emails to them.

Now I also have to be able to write good emails as well. I need to learn about copy writing. Already I am finding out there is much more to being an affiliate than I first believed. So far I need to be a copywriter, a list builder and an email marketer to be able to get my affiliate marketing off the ground successfully.

Looking At the quick way.

I suppose initially I can short circuit this a little to get started, but that is unlikely to make me successful. I am continually working on getting more people on my list giving me a greater reach. I can use the sales copy provided by the product manufacturer so that will save me doing any copy writing this time round.

I have now created another problem for myself! If I am going to be sending out the same copy as thousands of other affiliates how do I get the sale instead of them? Well one way is by offering bonuses. These bonuses need to compliment the main product if they are to attract customers.

Of course the best products to use for bonuses are products that you have developed, but hang on is this something else I need to learn now. So now I need to be able to manufacture products myself. Before you start to panic, it is not always that hard to do. A short report about a complimentary subject could probably be done in a couple of hours, or of course you could always outsource your product or use a PLR product.

Now you are thinking ‘but all I want to do is advertise a product’. This is where the difference between an affiliate and a super affiliate begins to come in. You are thinking of advertising a product while the super affiliate is building his list of bonuses to give away with the product!

The affiliate will use the pre-written copy and sales letter to promote the product. Then they wonder why no one takes up their offer. There may be thousands of affiliates advertising the same product as you with the same sales letter and at the same price. Why would they buy from you when they got good service from ‘Joe’ down the road last time.

Are you Mr Average

If you want to be Mr Average then follow what everyone else is doing, but if you want to make an impression then do your own thing. Use the basis of the sales letter for your letter but rewrite it in a way that more people are likely to understand. Write it in your words and be yourself as you write. Just don’t promise something that the product isn’t designed for.

You are trying to sell the whole package, so that next time you send something out you want people to sit up and listen or read what you have to say. You need to build your own brand, although you are advertising someone else’s product. You want people to realize you are only dealing with quality products, and not just the run-of-the-mill products that everyone else is selling.

You need to build up trust between you and your prospective buyers!

This is something you must do if you too are to become successful.

The Super Affiliate

The super affiliate is someone who has constantly been building up trust with their list(s). They have been doing this since they first decided to venture into internet affiliate marketing. They have got to the stage where people trust them and their opinions, and so when they promote a product people buy from them. They make sure they only promote good products. They do this by getting to know those who produce good products consistently.

Once they have had some successful promotions with a product supplier they will make personal contact with that person or company and get advanced warning on all the new products they are putting to the market. In many cases they will also get preview copies of the new product. This allows them time to formulate their own promotional material and to get together their own bonuses that are going to be relevant to the main product.

So already they have got a lead on the average marketer. They have gone out of their way to find out what products are due to be launched, and then found or produced bonuses to bu used to promote the new product.

Let’s face it. If you see several emails promoting a product are you going to see who is giving you the best offer. You bet your life you will. I would look at all the bonuses and then taking into account the relevance to the product and also the relevance to me I would make my decision on who to buy through.

One of the super affiliates promoting the product is likely to get my purchase as they are more likely to be offering the better bonuses.


Now of course the biggest winner in this is the person who developed the product that everyone is selling, but as an affiliate you won’t have to bother about all that goes into developing a first class product. You just need some good promotional material and the will to succeed.

You may be thinking this affiliate marketing is not as easy as I thought. It is easy if you follow the rules and make it your own!






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  1. A really enlightening article for affiliate marketers like myself – I agree with everything you’ve covered here, and it makes perfect sense. 

    There are many ‘Mr Average Joes’ out there, and they do make money, but hardly enough to live on. I only started to see the real money coming in when I got enough guts to ‘think outside the box’ with my marketing techniques. 

    What marketing technique have you found the most effective in your career so far? Was it a technique that you created yourself?

    • I have found email marketing the best for me so far. I did a lot of training before putting it into practise.


  2. I will be implementing an email marketing system for the first time this week on my site, so this is a timely post. Here’s hoping I do it right!  lol

    Good reminder about producing a high quality “bonus”. That’s the one thing I’m brainstorming about right now – what can I give them?? Text? Audio? Video? A combination of both? A product??

    I’m actually leaning towards the last item, but we’ll see… I’m just trying to think, “What would by site visitors really see VALUE in??”

    As for this work being “easy”, well… I don’t think I could call it that. But it IS rewarding, and fun, and lucrative… IF you can stay the course!

    • Most super affiliates will have several bonuses set up for their potential clients. All of your ideas are good as long as people  perceive a value in your bonus(es)


  3. I am pleased to comment on the topic, where the author asks: “How to make your affiliate business successful?” 

    Of course, this is not an easy task. I also see success in the ability to update the strategy. To get more potential customers. And along with them, the number of sales will increase. 

    Specifically, you realized that you have a brand in your hands. Now, you set a goal in the form of three questions. 1. How to massively increase your organic traffic? 2. How to get high quality back links? 3. How get in front of your target audience?Today the market is saturated with advertising. 

    And the marketer poses the question: “How can I get my customers to contact me so that they become interested?” 

    A finding answers motivates at an affiliate marketer. 

    This is my addition to the discussion on the topic. 

    Thanks to the author for a useful informative article. Mark

    • Thanks for your comments Mark. We are all becoming better marketers as we learn more. 


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