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I am going to explain how to get traffic to your site. There are many ways to get traffic to visit your website. I will go through some of the more common ones that I know work. Some of these are obvious while others are not so common.

Getting Fresh Traffic.

One way of getting traffic to your website is to always have a signature link going back to your website when you answer or ask questions in forums. Do make sure that the forum you are in allows the protocol.

A good way of attracting people’s attention is to be different to everyone else and play devils advocate by putting an opposing view forward in your forum dealings. This generally ends up with people getting annoyed and going to your website to tell you so. You have just gained another visitor albeit not the way you intended. You can start up a conversation with them when you justify the point(s) you made. Remember we are trying to attract traffic.

I often use article directories to increase my traffic. When you write a quality article and place it on an article directory site. Providing the articles you write are interesting, and of course informative you are more likely to have people visiting after reading your article. They will want to see what else you have written.

Have you considered having an RSS subscribe button or a link to your RSS feed? By missing this item from your website you are turning down possible income. It is important that your RSS feed is easy to find and link to, so I would suggest it is a prominent position on your website.

I have also used a press release in the past to get the information about my website out to people that are not in my normal internet reach. A press release can send a large quantity of traffic to your website, especially if you use as many sites as possible to get your press release to the masses.

Have you seen the sites that have ‘tell a friend’ on them? This is done with a small script put on your website that opens their email so they can send emails to their contacts about your site. If you don’t attract their attention at the time they are less likely to tell anyone about what they have seen and what they like about your site.

If you find any reviews about your website then make sure you let everyone know about them and let them know how to find them. Contact the author of the reviews you particularly like and ask them if you can put them on your website.

I am not sure if you have thought about or even know about traffic trading systems. This is system whereby you and a competitor work together to send each other traffic from their site.

I hope by now you can see how it is possible to get traffic that you would ordinarily miss. One of the more obvious but often overlooked is to get you site listed on many of the free directories there are available. These directories can be put in front of people you probably never had a chance of contacting.

If you have an Amazon profile then start writing and submitting reviews about products. Don’t forget to lead them to the link on your website.

Search out a few other websites in your niche and offer to exchange links with them.

If you are selling products try to find a website selling similar products. Offer them the opportunity to put one or two of their products on your site and you will do the same on their site. You both now have more products to attract the buying public. With this system it would be usual to share the profits of the shared items.

Once you are getting known and you become an expert in your field then try to get features in online magazines, radio or television. In our case that would be blog radio and you tube.

Think long and hard about your headlines. They can make or break you budding business. It is known that the really good headlines have a much better click through rate.

Use these techniques to help you to bring fresh traffic to your website.

Techniques That Remain Reliable.

There is an unending supply of techniques that will probably be recommended to you. Your problem is deciding which ones will work best for you and your products. So which are the best ones to use? From my point of view I would say all of them, but I will go through those that have proven themselves over the years. These are techniques that work today so add them to your arsenal.

You Tube – I mentioned You Tube earlier and it is one of the newer marketing techniques that are being used today. The best way to use it is to make a video making sure that during the video the people watching it can see your face. You need to include some valuable information or content. People need to see who you are in real life. Your picture or avatar could be quite old and not showing the real you. If you can tie some of your keywords into the video that would give you an ideal foothold and increase the video value to you.

Posting to Forums – I didn’t cover this in the earlier part of this article but it is something well worth doing. Again the idea is to attract traffic to your website. This one never seems to lose its power. You need to sign up to forums that are relevant to your writing and products. When you start posting either by asking questions or answering questions that others have posed, or by getting involved in other discussions that are open, you leave your signature line which of course you have linked back to your website. This one can be a no-brainer so try it out and count your blessings when you reap the benefits.

Social Media – Facebook still remains the largest social media site but there are many others that can prove beneficial to you if you post on them. There are many ways to link back to your website using Facebook, but you shouldn’t be posting your link on the walls of friends or followers. Use Facebook to build up trust with followers and then engage them into your website.

Articles – Again one I mentioned earlier that is still a strong source of traffic generation. Rather than rewriting the content of others try to establish some fresh articles of your own. By all means use what others have written as a guide line if that is what you want to do. Try to make your ideas interesting so your readers will want to see more of what you have written. Again use your keywords to maximize your returns.

The four methods I have just mentioned are working well and although they are not new they are known to give consistent results when they are used correctly. There are of course also the methods I mentioned at the beginning of the article, so this should set you off on the right track. When you get more adept at your traffic management you can start to use some of the other tools to help your traffic grow even more. But let’s not run before we can walk. Start off with the ones mentioned and build up as you go.

Use Viral Marketing To Your Advantage.

A great number of marketers are now extolling the virtues of viral marketing. The reason they are doing this is that it has proven itself to be a very good tool for getting more traffic to your website.

What do we mean by viral marketing?

Viral marketing is what happens when people start talking to others about what you have written. A friend tells another friend who tells some of his friends who tell their friends and so it goes on. Word goes around about what you have written and people are curious to see more of your writings.

It is being spread by the most powerful advertising known to man – word of mouth – personal recommendation. There is still nothing available to beat this form of advertising. What are you most likely to take more notice of? An email from someone you don’t know or an email from a trusted friend. This can be multiplied even more when we start putting this on social media.

Why are these so important to us?

The cost or lack of it, many times it is free makes this an ideal advertising method.

Speed. Your advertising is seen around the world in real time, and because a lot of it is on personal recommendations you are likely to get tons of traffic to your website. The numbers can be quite astounding.

Customers in Hiding. Because, you are now having many people sending your message around the world you are going to have access to customers you never knew were there. One of the hardest parts of any advertising campaign is finding an audience that is interested in your goods. Of course all these customers are potential recommenders of your product, so your spread grows even more.

This is what makes viral marketing such a powerful tool, providing you use it the correct way. You certainly won’t be complaining about the extra traffic and sales you will be getting.


I have given you several methods to use to attract visitors to your site. It is up to you whether you use them or not, but whichever you do chose I strongly recommend you look at how to set up your own viral traffic.

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