How To Get traffic For Your Website

I am going to discuss how to get traffic for your website. Where to look and how to encourage more visitors.

Why would you want visitors?

Well, hopefully you have monetized your site or you intend to do so in the very near future. These are your potential customers, so no customers means no sales.

Get Traffic To Your Website

It is time to dispel the idea that if you build a good website you will get traffic. For those old enough to remember the Kevin Costner film Field Of Dreams I am afraid the thought of build it and they will come is a baseball fairy tale. Albeit a good and enjoyable fairy tale.

The fact that you have built a website that is attractive and well written with excellent graphics will attract or generate traffic is simply not true. You will have to work to get that traffic. Your website needs to be search engine friendly and that is not going to happen overnight.

Perhaps one of the best ways of thinking about this is to put it in a real life situation.

Imagine building a really fantastic brick and mortar store outside of town and never telling anyone about it or where it is and how to get to your new store. You now have a fantastic store but you never see a customer. How long do you think you will able to stay open? You are going to be losing money from the very start, so if you are not a billionaire your business is not going to last, and even if you are the money is going to disappear very quickly.

Exactly the same principles apply to every website irrespective of who owns it. It will not matter about all the bells and whistles because no one is ever likely to see it.

You are going to have to advertise your website and start using traffic building techniques that are known to work. If you want to make money from a website potential visitors need to know where they can find it.

Where Do I Start

Before doing anything else you need to check the links on your site. If any of your links are broken the search engines will penalize you and visitors to your site will not be very pleased. Broken links are unlikely to have them staying on your site or returning in the future. Once you are sure everything with your site is good then is the time to submit your website to as many search engines as possible. There are literally hundreds of search engines so don’t stop when you have done the most popular ones like Google and Bing.

Another thing that will help with your listing is your meta tags. Meta tags not done correctly will hinder your search engine listings.

Submit your website to as many website directories as you can find. The more places that your website appears the more popular it will be with the search engines.

We all know about social networking sites, but did you know about social bookmarking sites? Some of the social bookmarking sites are also social networking sites but not all of them. This why I am mentioning both of them to you now.

While Facebook is the favorite social networking site, Twitter is the favorite social bookmarking site. You want to get yourself listed on as many of these as you possibly can. you will also get good backlinks from some of them. Both social bookmarking and social networking sites will build traffic to your website quickly and effectively and it will be absolutely free.

With both social bookmarking and social networking you will be able to engage your potential market while sharing promotions and doing contents and the such like and be using other marketing techniques that will drive traffic to your website.

You can also use pay per click or pay per action to drive traffic to your website. This will of course be paid traffic but as things start to pick on the financial side you can bring this in to get yourself more traffic. Although using these methods can be costly they can be very effective when used properly. It would be a good idea to thoroughly research PPC and PPA and see how they work before you start using them.

Traffic Techniques That Work And Are Reliable

There is an endless supply of traffic techniques that are likely to be recommended to you, but you are going to want traffic techniques that work.

When ever you use forums you should make sure you have left a link that points back o your website.

Have a different opinion to the others you see as long as you can justify that point. This will draw the attention of those reading your post. Some people will get annoyed and then link to your site to tell you so. If you write quality articles and put them in article directories you stand a good chance of gaining more traffic to your site. Make sure your articles are informative for the best results. Make use of press releases as they are an excellent way to drive traffic to your site. Go to press release sites to find the best ones to post on. If the article is not newsworthy it will not get released. If you put an RSS button on your site that can bring in traffic. Put a tell a friend script on your site and encourage your visitors to use it.

Use the ideas above to bring more traffic to your website

Keeping Your Visitors

To get traffic for your website is one thing, but enticing your new visitors to look around is something completely different. While this as more about getting the traffic it is no good getting traffic that clicks away from your pages as soon as it lands there.

Make sure you have compelling content that is interesting to the reader. Add a free offer on your page but let your visitors scroll through your page to reach it.


The more highly targeted your traffic is before it reaches you then the better results you will have. Highly targeted traffic is what is going to help you make sales. Your visitors are coming because they are interested in what you are saying. To make the most of this make your sales promotions have a solid close so the traffic that does arrive will be buying from your site.

There are many more traffic techniques, but these are good for you to start with.


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