How To Build an eMail Subscriber List

When you are starting out in the world of online marketing you need to learn how to build an email marketing list. I have written down some ideas for you to follow.

Setting up your list

Once you have set up your Autoresponder and you need to start the list building stage of your online career. How many different ways have you been using to attract visitors to sign up to your email list(s)? I say lists because you may be looking at selling a product or products in more than one niche. You may want to divide your main niche into sub-niches, each having their own list, but for now I am going to concentrate on building up one list.

This may to you seem to be the wrong way to go about things, (yes that’s what I thought until I changed to this method), but you need to start with your end product. Once you decide what you are going to be selling, then you need to set up a list in that niche or even sub-niche. If this is not your first list you may well have a list of people who would have an interest in the new product you are selling.

Whether you have lists or not, the first thing to do is to go to your autoresponder and set up a new list. Personally I set up a list for every sub-niche and will send out emails with appropriate products advertised in them along with the normal mailings that I would make.

People join your mailing list either because they want the gift you have promised them or because they want to receive more information from you, and in some cases both. For this reason you need a cache of emails ready to send to at regular intervals.

Entrepreneurs will argue this next point to kingdom come. How many and how often do I send out my emails? Personally I will send daily for the first week, then every three or four days for a couple of weeks before going to weekly emails. The emails you are sending are to build up a relationship and also to build up trust with your list members. The more trust you build the more likely they are to purchase products through you. When a product release is imminent I will send out more emails, but never more than one a day.

I do it this way because over the years I have been on the lists of many entrepreneurs and some of these have been sending me five or six emails in a day. I just leave their email system as I don’t have time to read that many emails in a day.

What do I need to prepare when I want to start building my list?

1. Sales product or Evaluation copy Because of the time I need to set everything up the way I want I use a website called JVnotifyPro. This lists many of the upcoming Joint Venture products that are going to be released in the coming weeks. From here I contact the product creators and ask if I can have an evaluation copy of their new product so I can appraise the product and write about it in confidence that the product will do as it promises.

2. Bonuses for the product. Now I know what the product is that I am going to be selling I need to get some bonuses together that are relevant to the sales product. I am going to be advertising the same product as many other affiliates so I need to have a better bonus package than any of the others if I am going to be able to make sales.

3. A freebie. I want to be able to get as many people as possible on my list for this product. To do this I am going to offer a free item that is relevant to the main sales product. This will help to ensure I have a list of people that are very likely to be interested in the sales product.

4. A landing page for the freebie This is where I am going to pick up the email addresses of those that may be interested in the sales product. While I am going to pick up some freebie seekers I am also likely to get some contacts that will be interested in the main sales product.

5. Somewhere to host the freebie. The freebie will be hosted on my website. The delivery will be almost instantaneous.

6. Delivery of the freebie (normally via autoresponder) In my first email to my new list member I will insert the download link for the free item. This will be sent to them as soon as they have verified their email address. I always use double opt in for my list members. 

7. Pre-written Emails I need to have several pre-written emails extolling the value of the product I am selling. This can be achieved much easier if I have had an evaluation copy of the product. While the product creator will probably have some pre-written emails I can use, I don’t want to be sending out the same as all the other affiliates that have signed up to sell the product. If I don’t get an evaluation copy of the product then I will rewrite the emails in my own words. 

Where Do I Start My List Building?

Before you even start your list building you need to know what niche your sales product is going to be in. It is no good building a list of dieters if you are going to be selling a product in the make money online niche. I would suggest you join JVNotifyPro or one of the other listings that tell you of upcoming product releases that are looking for affiliates.

This will give you the time to do the other preparation and build a list before the product release date. Once you have picked your product you will need to find a freebie in that niche, one that you are going to use, to help you build up your new list. You will then need to design your landing page.

Now is the time to go to your autoresponder and pick your new list name, and start to set the list up ready to receive members. Check and see if the new sales product has any rewritten emails that you can use as a guide for your new campaign. Once you have your new list host your freebie where it is readily accessible. Make sure your welcome email has the link of the freebie. I usually follow up with a second email that asks them if they have downloaded the product and include the link once again.

My emails from this point on will be full of information about the subject matter of the upcoming product release. One I get to the pre-launch date I send product specific emails letting my list members know that I will be telling them of a new product release and I will also list any bonuses I will be offering on the date in question.

Once the product is released I will send informational emails containing my affiliate link for the product. Usually the launches last a week. The first week of any product launch is the best time to try to sell it. As long as the product is still available I will refer to it now and then in my emails. I will put any purchasers in a separate list so they won’t get the reminder emails. This can all be handled by your autoresponder.

I will have my freebie and any bonuses hosted behind a password controlled members area on my website. I have a website where I host my freebies and my bonuses for all the products I promote where I change the passwords very frequently. This saves the passwords turning up on social media to be used by one and all!

Where Else Can I Go?

Where else am I going to get sign ups from?

I will put my link in all my social networking sites and advertise it several times making sure I specify the niche in the advert. I may also do some article marketing to help with sign ups.

There are many places we should be looking for prospective list members and consequently potential customers. A YouTube video or a podcast can also help with your list building activities.


List building is one of the most important activities you will do as you build up your presence on the internet. We all need shoppers and the way we get them is a mark of good communication.

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  1. I have my own website for almost a quarter now. I’m really new to affiliate business and I’m learning everyday about this business. I didn’t know how to create a email subscriber list but after I read this article I gained so many useful information that I can use towards my website. Thank you so much for sharing this article . It is really helpful.

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