Affiliate Marketing Tips Tricks and more

Do you want your business to get the money that it deserves? Follow these article marketing tips, tricks and more

You have spent a lot of time and possibly money as well to get things the way you want them so now is the time you need to start recouping your rewards.

I have put together some tips for you to follow to try to maximize your return both now and in the future.

Your Ads

First of all I have a question for you. Do you get fed up with seeing the same ads all the time?

I am sure we all do! To get over this you need to change your ads regularly. This will hopefully stop your readers and prospects from getting fed up and deciding to leave your list.

We know, from research that has been carried out, that on average your prospects have to see the ad for the same product an average of 7 times before they will commit and buy, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep sending out the same ad day after day.

I restrict each of my ads to a maximum of 10 views to any of my prospects. I change or rewrite the title and possibly some of the body copy as well. The more different copy you can have for your product the more advertising you can do without upsetting your prospects. I may send 30 or 40 ads promoting the same product but I will have at least 4 different ads in the mix.

If you are going to be marketing on the internet you are very likely to get an unhappy customer at some time. The way in which you deal with any dissatisfaction of a customer could mean the difference between surviving as a marketer and falling flat on your face.

What do I mean by this? You do not want your dissatisfied customers bad mouthing you and/or your company. Whether you agree with them or not you must treat them with respect. You need to try to get to the root of the problem and deal with it. Do all you can to resolve any issue a customer may be finding.


This may mean you have to give a full refund, or perhaps you will be able to appease them with a free product, a discount, a coupon against a future purchase or by some other means. No matter how angry you are you must remain calm and be polite. When you are very angry, leave it for a short period and preferably until you have calmed down.

I will warn you now that there are serial complainers out there, they will buy something and then demand their money back. With me that is fine. I refund their money and make a note of their name and email address. Should they keep doing the same, then I blacklist them, and ban them from being able to purchase my products.

I do this because I am using digital products and once the customer has the product there is no way you can get it back and ensure it has been cleared from my customers computer. You have to trust what they say about your product and rely on the fact that they think it is so bad they will never use it.


Use scarcity tactics to get them to buy. A discount or free bonuses work well for scarcity tactics. There are many tactics you can use to imply scarcity, tell them the discount is only for the next xx hours.


If you are not offering a money back guarantee you could be missing out on some sales. People who have not had dealings with you before may well be wary of your offers. So offer a money back guarantee. In most cases the longer the guarantee the more effective you will find it to be. When you do have a claim against the guarantee then honor it straight away.

This is another time you need to keep a check on the people that are asking for their money back. When you are very angry are getting the same person or persons constantly requesting a refund you need to be aware that this can damage your standing with some payment processors.

Remember every time you do a refund it is likely to cost you money, particularly if you are using an online banking partner like PayPal. You will have already paid commission to PayPal for handling the money for you.


One way to get testimonials is to send your product to a known marketer and ask them to trial the product and write a review on it. This was once a popular way of getting testimonials but everyone is so busy these days that is doesn’t always work.

A far better way to get testimonials is to ask your customer base to write a testimonial for your product. Once they have done that then I would suggest that you offer them a free gift or maybe you would rather offer a discount on an upcoming product. Don’t get lured into the trap of offering something to give a testimonial as you could find yourself being accused of bribery and no one wants that to happen.

When you do use a testimonial make sure it has the name and location of the person providing it for you.

DO NOT be tempted to write your own testimonials and pretend they are from someone else. Someone is bound to notice the links between the writing style of the product and that of the testimonial! That will put pay to your internet journey.

Free Bonus(es)

We all love free, and we love it more so if it has a perceived value. It is always good to have bonus items that are relevant to your main product. The more useful it is perceived to be the stronger your sales machine will be.

Use the free bonus idea whenever and wherever you can. You can use ebooks, newsletters, reports etc. Make sure you let your customers and prospects know the retail value of the goods you are offering them, i.e. the price you would usually sell them for.

You could use a scarcity tactic along with the free bonuses by placing a time limit on how long they are going to be available. Make sure you update your website and sales letter as soon as the deadline is up.

This may seem like extra work to you, but it more often than not pays off for you.

Get Your Own Affiliates

You possibly make money from affiliate marketing, so allow your customers to sell your products as well. Let people know they can join your affiliate program and make money. Don’t forget to know how much commission you will be giving them on each sale.

Supply your affiliates with tested and proven sales and marketing materials along with all the stats they need to be successful. Provide some affiliate training and advice to your affiliates. You never know who the next top salesperson may be.

While it would be nice to be able to offer a 24-hour help line this is impossible for the lone trader. In this case make sure you have an email dedicated to your customer queries and answer them as soon as you can. Make sure you let your customers know what part of the world you live in so they will know they are unlikely to get a reply immediately.

I personally would put an autoresponder on the email just to let your customer know you have received their query and you are dealing with it. Let them know you will get back to them as soon as you can.


If you are dealing with physical orders then provide free shipping. When you are very angry cannot afford to do free shipping then add it to the price of the product first. If the shipping costs are very high then perhaps you could offer free shipping on goods over a certain amount.

You can also offer a rebate on their shipping costs which you will take off of future orders. Personally I deal mainly in digital products so there are no costs involved.

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